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It varies on what sports are in season and how many games are on the board for a particular day but we would say 3-5 plays a day on average. If you are a bigger dollar amount player we will decrease the quantity and increases the quality.

Most clients receive plays throughout text message.

We have an entire team that studies each game and crunches numbers as well as a network of sources stretched around the globe to find out where we have the highest percent chance of winning.

You will typically get the picks between 5-6 pm EST for night games and 11-2 pm EST for day games. All picks will be posted at least 30 minutes before the game is scheduled to start.

Our money management systems depends on a clients starting bankroll and playing capabilities.

Our premium class customer support service is always ready to help you. If you need us ASAP call (833) 879-8771

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“Legit football picks. Almost doubled my bankroll so far so gonna add their basketball picks and see what happens. You need to bet when the picks are released. Nothing fancy just legit picks that are winning this season.”

John P

“Always up and never down. Will purchase another season. Great AAA+”


“Picks have been solid for my favorite major sports. I purchased a package during the NBA season and he did a decent job picking upsets. I’ll probably buy a package during the NFL season. “